Pictures & Writing: freelance web designer & MODx specialist Shaun Morrison

  • Ms Hart

    Ms Hart

    Ms Hart needed a website to promote the work that her pupils produce. 

    We designed something that was fun, had character but not distracting, and suitably allows the work to shine.

    I ensured the site was constructed using responsive design – working well in tablets, mobile phones and desktops.

    As it's powered by open-source CMS MODx, Ms Hart finds it a breeze to use.

  • AXA Business

    AXA Business

    Working with great Brighton-based agency Mineral on the AXA Business Guardian Angel site is an on-going privilege. 

    We have taken it from conception, through to launch and are responsible for maintaining and updating the site. Mineral share designs that follow the AXA brand guidelines and together we work on interactions and other parts of functionality.

    The site uses open-source CMS MODx which means the client updates the site with ease.

  • Living Streets

    Living Streets

    Whilst working for Brighton-based agency GSBA I was given the opportunity to build Living Streets – a social network revolving around pedestrians.

    Living Streets is powered by Drupal – an awesomely powerful open-source CMS/framework, which allows the client manage some very complex information.

    My role was front-end development, Drupal integration and user-interface advice.

  • Forest Credits

    Forest Credits

    Forest Credits allows you to offset carbon online. The money goes to real and tangible small projects in South America.

    With it being such a good cause, and the mandate to create an attractive and easy-to-use website –  designing and developing the front-end of Forest Credits definitely gave me that 'feel good inside' factor.

    This project was completed whilst at Brighton-based agency GSBA, working with a small crack-team we developed a bespoke e-commerce solution that was simple for the client to receive funds.

  • Guilt Lingerie

    Guilt Lingerie

    Working with quality design team at Brighton-based Red Biro we came up with a strikingly simple brochure site to show off Guilt Lingerie's range. 

    My job was to make sure the site performed well at tablet and mobile sizes as well as the desktop view of the site – to do this I made sure the design was fully responsive.

  • Shuttlewood Illustration

    Shuttlewood Illustration is a blog and portfolio site for Painter and Illustrator Craig Shuttlewood.

    Each of the pages is designed to show off the work – from more conventional blog style pages, to full screen (gallery wall analogous) horizontal scrolling.

    The site is powered by Open source content management system MODx – meaning Craig can update his site very easily.

  • City Forex

    City Forex

    Working with Brighton-based agency Red Biro we designed and developed a brochure site that firmly stays within their brand guidelines showing what City Forex does.

    The site itself shows their live exchange and gold rates. We also helped design and develop their gold ordering system only available to clients.

  • Aleks Krotoski

    Aleks Krotoski

    Working with Brighton-based agency Red Biro and Ruby on Rails developer Max Williams we created a site to effectively present the many avenues of interest Dr Aleks Krotoski (presenter of BBC's "The Virtual Revolution") maintains.

    Even though the site itself has a lot of textual information from various sources we made it look fun and playful (somewhat like Dr Krotoski's personality).

    The site is powered by the CMS Thoth.

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